Vocal Production Masterclass

Unleash the Power of Your Track: A Journey into Vocal Perfection

Subtitles in English and Portuguese. Legendas em Inglês e Português.

Ready to take your vocal production skills to the next level? Join us for an immersive and transformative experience with one of the industry’s most acclaimed experts – Bonen from Major7 and X-NoiZe. Get ready to elevate your sound and create jaw-dropping vocal tracks that captivate and resonate.

🎙️ What to Expect:

🔥 Meet Your Instructor: Get up close and personal with Bonen, renowned for his innovative techniques in vocal manipulation, Bonen Major7 and X-NoiZe, the master of Mixing & Mastering and pristine vocal mixing. Learn from his combined decades of experience, as they share insights, tips, and tricks that have shaped their careers.

🎵 The Art of Vocal Sculpting: Explore the intricate art of crafting vocals that stand out in the crowded music landscape. From pitch correction and harmonization to creative time-based effects, discover how to transform ordinary vocal takes into extraordinary sonic masterpieces.

🔊 Harnessing the Power of Technology: Dive deep into cutting-edge vocal processing tools and plugins that the pros swear by. Learn how to wield EQ, compression, reverb, Pitching, apply multi band tools, transient and quantize methods and more to give your vocals that coveted professional sheen. Watch as Bonen demonstrates their favorite techniques on real-world vocal tracks.

🎧 Mixing and Beyond: Uncover the secrets behind achieving a balanced and impactful vocal mix. Explore advanced mixing strategies that will bring out the best in your vocal recordings, ensuring they sit perfectly within your tracks. From lush ballads to high-energy bangers, adapt your skills to any genre.

🎶 From Studio to Stage: Take your newfound expertise beyond the studio and learn how to prepare your vocals for live performances. Discover the techniques used by top artists to deliver flawless vocal renditions on stage, every single time.


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